The Support Home Care Provides to Arthritis Patients


Arthritis is a rampant chronic condition among the adult population. It causes pain, swelling, and interference with normal movement and/or functioning.

Has a loved one acquired this bothersome chronic condition? Is he or she taking maintenance medicines consistently? Is he or she practicing the doctor’s exercise recommendations? Is your loved one suffering from arthritis isolating himself or herself because of decreased mobility and fear of falling?

If these questions invited you to wonder, it might be time to consider professional help from a non-medical home care agency. And if arthritis compromises your loved one’s mobility and quality of life, think about ways to support his or her independence. Moreover, getting professional assistance will bring peace of mind to him or her and your entire family.

Non-medical home care service in Shelton, Connecticut, assists in managing arthritis to a great extent. It offers assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, and fall protection to patients with arthritis.

Mobility limitations caused by painful joints make it hard to accomplish some daily tasks. Caregivers can assist with light housework, meal preparation, and more.

A personal care assistant can provide maintenance medicine reminders, pick up prescriptions for arthritis management, help organize maintenance medications, and report any side effects.

Arthritis is a risk factor for falls. With a caregiver around, clutter will be removed, especially from pathways. Spills will be cleaned up immediately, and potentially hazardous household tasks can be performed safely and without risking the care recipient’s safety. They can also assist in walking up or down stairs to prevent fall accidents.

Have a loved one suffering from arthritis? Get home care’s help today! If you’re scouting for a reliable provider, Care Connect LLC is a non-medical home care in Connecticut you can trust. Connect with us! Dial 203-677-1447.

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