The Ideal Place to Receive Dementia Care


Home is a great, safe setting for receiving dementia care because it is a place Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients are familiar with. A loved one with dementia will need support as it progresses, and receiving support right in the safety and familiarity of the home is reassuring for both the patient and his or her family.

Your support for your loved one with dementia can start with talking to his or her doctor and provider of non-medical home care service in Shelton, Connecticut. They’ll personalize a care plan just for him or her and even share tips with you, the family member, while providing dementia care.

Care Connect LLC, a non-medical home care in Connecticut, offers free virtual dementia training to its communities. It aims to help alter perspectives and change caregivers, family caregivers, and care professionals’ approach to providing care to a loved one or patient with dementia and providing person-centered home care in general.

Through this virtual dementia tour, you can do more than know your loved one diagnosed with dementia. You’ll gradually try to understand his or her perception of the world. You’ll also be able to give him or her a chance to talk about any challenges and partake in their daily care.

As a non-medical home care agency, we’d like to have a deeper understanding of the personalized care your loved one with dementia requires. Book a free home care assessment today with our team by dialing 203-677-1447.

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