How Seniors Can Prevent Loneliness by Staying Active?


Between lockdowns, quarantine, and travel restrictions, we all experienced feeling isolated and lonely. These negative emotions influence everyone, but they are especially harmful to seniors.

Isolation in seniors has been shown to have cognitive and physical consequences. It is critical to obtain knowledge of what you can do for your loved ones and what they can do for themselves to avoid moments of isolation. Here are some suggestions from your non-medical home care agency:

Though seniors may need to be secluded for safety, cannot travel, or are restricted from meeting friends and family due to weather or health, there are numerous ways to stay connected. With the internet, cell phones, and video messaging, people can now connect from anywhere. Though technology can be difficult to grasp, there are numerous advantages to knowing how to video call, email, or text message family and friends. Seniors can communicate and keep connected with people while being independent if they develop these abilities.

Joining groups specialized for elders, like exercise groups, clubs, or local community organizations, will allow your older loved one to stay connected with others and have something to keep them active. These clubs can focus on activities they enjoy or a new interest they want to learn. Our non-medical home care service in Shelton, Connecticut, involves accompanying your loved ones to ensure their safety.

Experienced caregivers at Care Connect LLC will care for your loved ones. We are here to serve your seniors, whether they are looking for companionship or require medical care.

Call us to learn more about our non-medical home care in Connecticut and to create a care plan that is right for you and your senior.

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