Fall Prevention in Older Adults


Older adults are highly susceptible to falls and accidents due to overall physical health decline. Muscle weakness, problems in balance and coordination, poor eyesight, and joint pain contribute to the risk. A personal care assistant provides support in tasks and ensures the safety of their clients.

Minimizing, if not fully eliminating, the presence of safety hazards in a client’s home is one way of preventing falls. Non-medical home care in Connecticut includes doing housework as a job responsibility. Clear the pathways by removing obstacles, securing cable wires in place, using nonslip mats, repairing cracks in the floor, and cleaning spills improves the safety of a client’s home. Place ample light sources on crucial areas like the stairs, corners, and bathroom.

A client’s health conditions and medications should also be considered by the non-medical home care agency. Impaired vision, slow reflexes, and decline in mobility slow the detection and prevention of obstacles. Hearing issues, some medication side effects, and certain disorders of the nervous system and thyroid cause dizziness and balance problems.

Companions and caregivers should provide comfortable, sturdy, and anti-slip footwear for older adults both inside and outside their homes. Providing a cane or even offering support when an elderly is walking would be a great help.

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