Creating a Healthy Meal on Your Plate


As a provider of non-medical home care in Connecticut, Care Connect LLC ensures that we create a care plan tailored and personalized to each patient’s needs, preferences, and likings. We don’t just address their medical or health need but also their life preference as best as we can. But one thing we ensure that each individual under our care gets is a nutritious and delicious meal. Because we know that a healthy meal not just fuels the body but keeps the mind active together with other benefits.

So, for our non-medical home care service in Shelton, Connecticut, to create a healthy meal on our patient’s plates, here’s what we do:

  • During the meal preparation, our staff ensures that the ingredients used are healthy. We prioritize foods that are good for health, like fresh ingredients, instead of processed or frozen ones.

  • When our staff cooks your elderly loved one’s meals, they ensure that there’s much food from five food groups. Such as lean meat, high-fiber vegetables, legumes, beans, etc.

  • If possible, our staff minimizes using high saturated fat, high sodium, or very processed ingredients in the meal. In this way, there’s not much unhealthiness in the body.

  • The last step, before eating, is ensuring our staff and patients put good hygiene habits first by washing their hands before every meal.

If you want that for your elderly loved one, call or email our non-medical home care agency at 203-677-1447 and to know more.

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