Exploring In-Home Diabetic Care Services


An older adult with a physical condition can still avail of home care services. For instance, seniors with diabetes require hands-on care in terms of personal care assistance, transportation assistance, and medication management. Aside from assisting in taking and refilling medications, diabetic seniors also need their vital signs to be consistently monitored. Keeping their blood pressure and sugar within the normal level prevents diabetes from developing into kidney disease.

A non-medical home care service in Shelton, Connecticut provides transportation services for the patient’s frequent hospital visits. Whether the reason is for hospital admission, laboratory tests, or doctor’s consultation, some home care aides are required to have a driver’s license. It is preferable for an aide to have minimal to no traffic violations as this can hinder in the efficient fulfillment of their duties. 

When providing services to a diabetic senior, non-medical home care in Connecticut needs to look closely at the preparation and nutritional value of the meals. It is best to coordinate with a nutritionist or dietitian for better meal planning. Preparing meals for diabetics typically meets one or more of the following conditions: low sodium, low sugar, low fat, low cholesterol, high fiber, and vegan.

High-quality care is needed to manage diabetes symptoms effectively while simultaneously preventing the risk of complications like kidney and heart disease. Even a non-medical home care agency can provide a huge contribution to diabetes control.

Care Connect LLC is a Connecticut-based non-medical home care agency. Inquire about our services, rates, and our schedule by giving us a call or sending us an email.

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